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Be Brave Pocket Pebble
Be Brave Pocket Pebble
Be Brave Pocket Pebble
Be Brave Pocket Pebble

Be Brave Pocket Pebble

Emma L'Amour
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Be Brave Pocket Pebble

This little weighted pebble will remind you to be brave at the toughest of times. Perfect for nervous events such as interviews, exams, doing something new or just everyday life. Think of your biggest bear roar and you're good to go!

Silent Cheerleaders

This cute little love gift is perfect for keeping in your pocket of your coat, shirt or trousers ready for when you're needing that extra bit of encouragement.

Perfectly Imperfect

The pebbles are hand-poured and hand-stamped; perfectly imperfect. Each stone will be slightly different in size, round but not perfect, pitted and rustic looking just like the pebbles you might find in the wild.


The Finer Details

- Ships within 2 weeks  
- Lead-free pewter
- 25-30mm (appx 15g)
- Packaged in Emma L'Amour drawstring bag

Hand stamped items are perfect for anyone looking for an exclusive, one of a kind piece of jewellery; a little bit special from the rest. 

The Technique
Traditional hand stamping is where letters and design stamps are individually lined up and then given a large whack with a hammer to punch impressions into the metal! No robots or machines are used in the process, just steady hand eye co-ordination and brute force!

Perfectly Imperfect
It also means that these pieces won't be perfect. There may be variations in letter spacing, heights and impressions, which adds to the quirks and uniqueness of the design.

Quirky Exclusives
These quirks are not classed as a fault; think of them as Emma L'Amour exclusives made just for you.