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Hello! My name's Emma and I'm the woman behind Emma L'Amour - no surprises there huh!? I started making jewellery in 2016 in my spare time, which unleashed my hidden creativity. Mix this with a desire for accessible fashion and Emma L'Amour was born.

Now based in Shoreditch, London, I simply love creating jewellery with a purpose.

Emma L'Amour Behind The Scenes

I believe individual style should be easy to create  regardless of size, age, ability, gender, colour or shape. Most of all, it should make you look and feel amazing.

Emma L'Amour offers choice and inclusivity at every turn.

For example, jewellery items:

- are available in different sizes without a different and/or premium price tag for larger sizes
- can be personalised to your unique taste and style
- transform your memories and stories into to one of a kind pieces

Emma L'Amour London isn't solely exclusive to the plus size world, but I do make sure that everything I make can be worn by standard and plus size individuals.  One of my favourite moments is when I hear from someone from the plus size community saying that they could finally wear the same trendy jewellery as their friends and family and it's made them feel incredible.

Sustainability is also close to my heart so where I can I will support smaller independent suppliers within the UK when I buy my materials. 
I also take responsibility with my environmental impact by using fully recyclable packaging.

I'm loving the current wave that Emma L'Amour is on and so grateful for all the support from everyone! I hope that if there was ever a question about Emma L'Amour, the jewellery or ordering process that people would feel comfortable enough to drop me a message. My inbox is always open for a chat and a virtual cup of tea!*

I do have a day job where I work for Mental Health First Aid England; a mental health awareness training organisation striving  to normalise society’s attitudes and behaviours around mental health, by developing the skills we need to look after our own and others’ wellbeing.

When you buy from Emma L'Amour, you know that you are supporting a small, ethical business to provide a safe space for people to unleash their true selves. 


*NB - I don't actually like too, don't hate me! But I'll happily natter over a slice of cake, virtual or not!