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Hello, Beautiful!

Welcome to the Emma L'Amour blog space! 

Emma L'Amour is more than stunning jewellery. It's about taking your unique ideas and turning it into something special. This could be a birthday gift, a bridesmaid keepsake or a love present just because, and that love present can be to yourself too! 

But Emma L'Amour was born from a place of connecting with others and making people feel empowered. I'm hoping to carry this value on through this little blog space and invite you to get to know me more. I want to share insights into what floats my boat, a deeper dive in the behind the scenes and a place for you to get closer to everything that encapsulates Emma L'Amour the brand.

Not only that, I think it's really important that when you're buying something as meaningful as jewellery, that you can connect with the people behind the business to ensure you share the same values. Make sure the business walks the walk and not just talks the talk. 

I'm really excited to get going and this post is just a bit of an intro to what's to come. There's some things you should know first:

  • I'm not a writer, I just like to ramble on 
  • I intend to write a blog post at least once a month
  • I want to hear what you want me to write about too
  • Otherwise you'll get random posts like my favourite pair of socks and why

So why am giving this whole blog thing a go? Why not social media? Get with the times girrrrrl.

I magically juggle Emma L'Amour jewellery with my full time job and, not gonna lie, sometimes social media can frighten me. So here's another space for us to chat, leave a comment and/or spread the love.  

If there's any meanies that come along, I'll ensure to get rid asap. This spot is a safe space for people to relax, take some time out and connect with one and other.

So, I hope to see some of you hanging out here soon!

Much love,


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